Man of Many Accents

(Warning! Crude Language!)


The fact that so many of them were similar/European accents makes it even more impressive. Nailing an accent is one thing, nailing a few accents that are similar but distinctly different can be very hard to master.

I like how his body language is almost the same for every one of these except when he does the American Italian accent he immediately starts to emphasize with the wide hand gestures.

In case you couldn’t hear what all the accents were supposed to be over the echo in the warehouse here they are:

  • Northern Irish
  • South African
  • Scottish
  • Texas
  • Geordie
  • Australia
  • American Italian
  • Chinese
  • Welsh
  • Bristol
  • Cockney
  • Scouse
  • Louis Van Gaal
  • French
  • Pikey

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