Idiots Provoke MI Police by Entering Station With Rifles and Facemasks


These idiots are lucky to be alive! Whether, or not you have the right to carry a loaded firearm into a police station, you would have to be a world class idiot to actually do it. And all because a cop made you feel uncomfortable.


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In the early afternoon, police were called to the shopping district at Ford Road and the Southfield Freeway on a report of two suspicious men in a vehicle wearing tactical vests and masks. The men were gone when police arrived.

A Dearborn police sergeant on patrol saw the men in a vehicle at a park about 3 miles away. The sergeant conducted a traffic stop.

Both men were wearing heavy tactical vests, and the passenger, who refused to speak to the sergeant, was wearing a balaclava mask that covered his face, according to police.

The sergeant released the men after not seeing any guns in the vehicle.

One of them entered the building wearing a tactical vest and mask, armed with an AP-14. The second man carried a camera and a tripod.

Officers confronted the men, who initially refused to comply with commands. Both men were taken into custody without incident.

Officers seized the loaded AP-14 firearm, rifle magazine containing 47 rounds, loaded Glock 19 handgun with four additional magazines containing 66 rounds, body armor and ballistic vests, mask, gun belt and several pieces of camera equipment. Also recovered was an AR-15 rifle along with an AK-47-style rifle.

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