300,000 Romanians Light Up Bucharest’s Victoriei Square (Insane)

This amount of unity in a Nations People is so freaking inspiring!

(From the Video Description)

300,000 people lit up their mobile phones in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square at 21:00 on Sunday evening, in the biggest anti-Government protests Romania has seen in the last 25 years. Although the Government repealed on Sunday the controversial emergency ordinance that weakened the anti-corruption fight in Romania, which got hundreds of thousands of people to the streets in Romania in the past five days, the protests continued for the sixth day in a row, setting new records.

The square in front of the Government’s building in Bucharest was so full that the subway trains couldn’t even stop in the Victoriei Station any more. The boulevards around the square were also full. Videos of the square lit up at 21:00 like this one became viral on Facebook. The protesters now ask for the Government’s resignation.

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